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Welcome to Yummy

Hi there. My nsconesame is Jamie Buckley and I live in a rural part of France. I grow my own fruit and vegetables in a little part of the garden and in lots of various containers. I like nothing more than creating mouthwatering dishes with my produce.

I would like to share some of my yummy recipes and a little bit of my life with you.

I have written a book, titled "Yummy. My Garden, My Food and My France based on my experiences, vegetable garden  and food creations. Please have a look around and come with me into my world of yummy. Jamie


I have been inspired to grow my own lovely fruit and vegetables, from which, I am thengarden inspired to turn them into wonderful food recipes. I love thinking of new and diferent ways to turn the wonderful fresh produce that I grow into mouthwatering meals. I have been inspired from famous programmes, chefs and some special people in my life to share my magical life with as many people as possible.  I have a lot of subjects in life that I am passionate about, to be a great dad and give my son something to be proud about and watching things grow from seed into a wonderful fruit or vegetable then turning it into a great eating experience.  With the help of this site you will be able to recipefollow the garden through the four seasons. What to plant, when to harvest and how to grow. As you will see you can grow produce in just about any container, a process I like to call "Eclectic gardening".  The recipe section is where you will find some of my yummy creations, and there is a also a page where you can  add some of your own favourite creations too. I have  also included a few articles dedicated to "My France", covering the area where I live, it's customs and people and a bit about the coast.  Please keep coming back  as I will be adding bits and pieces regularly, and don't forget to tell others about Yummy.


tom glut




Baskets of beautiful tomatoes, were a common site in my kitchen, for the last 2 years.  Come and join me in my world of YUMMY! and find some mouthwatering ways, to deal with all the beautiful produce, we can grow together.


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Spring is in the air!!!!

Keep checking back now as new articles will be posted frequently!


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